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      Inspired by and for sports lovers, Swinnis is a clothes line that was made for those who practice the sport of tennis as a means of recreation and maintaining a healthy life.

      Our line of bold, fun, and unique prints really shine at expressing our enthusiasm for tennis and other sports. They are printed on clothing sets of antimicrobial qualities, which bring moisture control and sun protection (UPF) without losing its soft and extra comfortable texture.

      We also have fun accessories and exclusive items that can further express your inner sports fan: theme t-shirts, mugs, key rings, charms, sunglasses, you name it. We always strive to infuse originality and fun into our creations with our daring ideas.

      If you are a fan, practice or have friends or family who are passionate about tennis or another sport, chances are you'll find an ideal gift for them, or for yourself, here at Swinnis.

      Our goal, beyond sharing our love of sports, is to spread joy through our products.

      Our headquarters are in New York, Capital of the World, where we continue to seek more inspiration and never stop dreaming.